An ultra–modern AU based datacenter

Amaze is among the top–quality data centers in Australia. It has a great location, a large peering network and partners with several top–tier customers. The temperature & humidity levels are maintained in accordance with energy efficiency standards at all times.

The data center offers top–notch Internet connectivity with all the countries in the Southern Hemisphere, which will ensure stunningly fast loading speeds for your web sites.

Exceptional network connectivity

The Amaze data center has its own communication layer with access to the infrastructure of many telecommunications service providers. Special N+1 communication rooms house top local and international telecommunications service providers to guarantee first–class connectivity for your web presence. In this way, your web sites will load at blazing–fast speeds not only in Australia and Oceania, but in the rest of the world as well.

In addition, the AU based datacenter makes it possible for additional network access providers to be added using different pathways and cable routes. You can also position custom satellite and antenna equipment in a special place on the data center’s roof.

An outstanding energy & cooling environment

The AU data center performs in accordance with enhanced Tier III standards and offers a 99.982% network uptime guarantee. It’s connected directly to the National Grid via two separate 20 MVA power feeds. If there is an electrical power disruption, twenty two uninterruptible power supply systems will power the server network.

Thanks to the N+1 cooling platform used by Amaze, we’re able to add as many extra servers as we like, without the need to modify the current cooling capacity. In this way, we can expand Site Host Pros’s website hosting platform to meet your web sites’ expanding needs.

Safety and network monitoring conditions

We have a team of seasoned technicians who are working on–site 24/7 to guarantee unparalleled security levels. They’re using BMS systems to keep an eye on all the essential mechanical appliances and SCADA systems to keep an eye on the electrical devices. By means of 24–7 closed–circuit television surveillance and mantrap devices, they control the access to the facility.

We’ve also created a custom monitoring and alerting system, which enables our system administrators to keep an eye on the server network and to stick to our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Servers network

Site Host Pros’s partnership with Amaze has been truly fruitful over the years and currently we have a substantial number of servers in the data center facility – production servers, billing servers, administration servers, testing servers, backup servers and many more.

They have a team of accomplished techs working on–site who help us configure a new server and add it to our website hosting network within a couple of hours.

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