A top–tier US based datacenter

Site Host Pros is working in cooperation with a high class US based datacenter, that’s based in the center of Chicago, IL. It is run by a prominent US IT corporation and has suitable hosting environment for all of your sites 24/7/365.

The US based datacenter has total redundancy in power, network connectivity and security. Its web servers have the best hardware components on the market nowadays.

A completely backed–up network

The US based datacenter boasts complete redundancy in network connectivity. We’ve created our network working with Juniper routers and switches as well as individualized software, while the data center’s engineers are employing Cisco–powered units. The network is totally meshed and also redundant using numerous large backbone providers.

The perfectly installed network allows us to offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee with all of the hosting solutions you will find on our web site – website hosting packages, VPS servers, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers.

Optimal route selection

The US based datacenter has put together a top–quality peering network, which incorporates a couple of the finest network service providers in the U.S.A., for example Layer(3), NTT and nLayer. For optimum route choice and auto failover operations, the data center’s administrators make use of the Border Gateway BC Protocol.

On account of the remarkable route selection, we are able to feature blazing–fast connection speeds not only throughout the US, but additionally across the world. For that reason, in the event you host your websites within our US based datacenter, your web sites are going to load noticeably faster than before from any location.

A 99.9% network uptime guarantee

A crew of practiced experts is on–site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain and check the hosting server network to assure an industry–leading 100% network uptime. By means of high class hardware on our servers, we can easily guarantee a 99.9% server uptime with each of Site Host Pros’s web hosting services.

And additionally, Site Host Pros’s custom website hosting platform permits the server load to be evenly distributed between a group of physical machines, which means that your web sites will never suffer from unexpected service disturbances. We’ve additionally developed a highly specialized, Linux–based server Operating System, that allows us to include or take out new machines at any time without leading to any down time.

Well managed and reliable hosting servers

Our own server network has a multitude of web hosting servers, that are being watched round–the–clock. If something happens with merely a sole service on our web servers, Site Host Pros’s clever alert system will promptly let the administrators find out. We’ve also designed an SMS notification system, which will inform our system administrators if the problem is not resolved.

In the US based datacenter we have testing servers, production servers, backup servers, and also administrative, spare and dedicated servers. Additionally, we have a variety of master VPS machines as well as some semi–dedicated servers.

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