Thoroughly tested server hardware

All the elements of our dedicated server configurations have been meticulously selected in order to set up a robust hosting platform that will be able to meet your ever–increasing website hosting demands.

Most hosting suppliers offer Dedicated Servers that feature the newest hardware solutions. Nonetheless, experience has shown that brand new hardware that hasn’t been extensively tested has way more bugs. Furthermore, it offers limited software support.

Since we want your dedicated servers to be dependable for as long as possible, our company is focused on implementing the very best hardware components, not the newest.

Complete root and SSH access

A dedicated server is intended to cater to your business demands night and day. With full root access to the machine, you can make full use of the dedicated server’s capacities. You can set up new applications, edit the Apache server’s configuration settings and even set up an entirely new Operating System.

If you need assistance working with your server, you can get in touch with Site Host Pros’s client care staff anytime you want. Furthermore, you can receive professional support from our server admins by ordering our Optional Admin Services package.

Web Control Panel, cPanel, DirectAdmin

With Site Host Pros, it’s now easy to manage your websites on a dedicated server. During the signup procedure, we give you a collection of web hosting Control Panel tools that will allow you to get full control of your websites. You can choose between the popular cPanel Control Panel (available at $30 USD/per month), the DirectAdmin Control Panel and our custom–built Web Control Panel, which comes at no charge with your server.

Site Host Pros’s Web Control Panel is based on the priceless feedback offered by our users and offers an easy–to–use user interface with a drag & drop File Manager, unmetered domain name hosting options and a number of website accelerators for speeding up your websites. cPanel offers a well–known interface for administering web sites and includes the WHM software. DirectAdmin, the third web hosting Control Panel option, includes various free–of–cost modules for converting your server into a mail server or a game server.

Each hosting Control Panel needs a particular Linux version. For example, cPanel and DirectAdmin work with CentOS, whereas Site Host Pros’s Web Control Panel requires Debian. On the signup page, you can choose your hosting Control Panel and the Linux distro it goes with.

Optional Admin Services

If you require assistance administering your dedicated server, you can order our Optional Admin Services package.

It includes various server administration procedures that will be carried out by Site Host Pros’s expert sysadmins. These procedures include weekly OS updates, software installations, backups, etc.

In addition, your dedicated server will be integrated into our advanced server surveillance system, which will allow us to identify the slightest disturbances in its performance.

24/7/365 client support service

With Site Host Pros, you can forget about having to wait around for hours on end for the technical support staff to respond to your question. We reply within 1 hour – it’s guaranteed. And our average ticket response time is under 20 minutes!

And our 24x7 support team is composed of support engineers with several years of work experience behind their backs. On top of that, they frequently attend courses to further enhance their expertise. When you ask Site Host Pros’s customer service staff a question, you know you are in the right hands.