The assests of a semi-dedicated server

As its name hints, a semi-dedicated servers resembles a dedicated server. You share the system resources of a full–fledged dedicated server with only a few other users as opposed to the 100’s of customers on a shared server. Thus, you get access to a wealth of system resources at a much lower price. On top of that, a semi–dedicated server is less difficult to manage compared with a fully fledged dedicated server.

In contrast to a dedicated server, you will not be offered full root access to the physical machine itself and will not be able to pick a server OS and a hosting Control Panel. However, you will be able to take full advantage of Site Host Pros’s advanced cloud hosting platform, which boasts an incredible stability.

A website hosting platform

All semi-dedicated servers are part of our cloud hosting platform. This suggests a higher degree of reliability in comparison to the normal shared service.

Plus, you’ll be able to migrate from a website hosting account to a semi–dedicated server without any problem. We will take care of the transfer on your behalf and will ensure for you exactly the same simplicity of use that is associated with the normal hosting service. Switching between our semi-dedicated servers is also easy.

Another benefit of Site Host Pros’s semi-dedicated servers is that they are equipped by default with our Hepsia Control Panel and all the free–of–cost web site creation tools that it offers.

Convenient Web Control Panel

Site Host Pros’s semi-dedicated servers are based on Site Host Pros’s in–house built cloud hosting platform and thus come bundled with our custom–built point–and–click Web Control Panel, which is included for free with each and every server plan.

The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel is truly simple to work with and you can implement various web site administration tasks – for instance, you can set file permissions or create an instance of Memcached with a click. Owing to its streamlined interface, you will be able to swiftly switch between the various hosting Control Panel sections without needing to return to the main page each and every time.

You do not have to worry about server administration procedures too. Our technicians will implement all server surveillance and administration tasks for you, so you can focus on your web sites only.

A number of complimentary additional bonuses

Site Host Pros’s web hosting Control Panel offers a set of free–of–cost tools and bonuses that will help you create, administer and advertise your brand–new website with a mere mouse click.

You can make full use of different custom–developed web site setup tools, including a 1–click Web Apps Installer, an instant Instant Website Installer and an online Cost Free Website Creating Instrument. Besides, you can make use of the inbuilt Website Tools to set up a new site map or to embed RSS feeds into your website. Comprehensive web analytics statistics will keep you posted on your web site’s online activity via an easy–to–read GUI.

Website Accelerator Tools such as Memcached and Varnish will cache database queries and will thus speed up your sites enormously.

Increased hosting server stability

Besides improved overall performance, semi-dedicated servers ensure also far better security for your sites.

On our custom–built website hosting platform, your semi–dedicated server will be using software that’s based on a security–enhanced version of the already really secure Linux OS. We have tweaked the server Operating System even further to make it perform better with the server’s hardware architecture and also to decrease the chances of encountering potential problems.

The semi-dedicated servers can be found in any one of Site Host Pros’s extremely secure data centers. There, they will are protected by a number of anti–DoS units.